What Our Customers Have to Say…

“Definitely A Work of Art!”

We truly appreciate our customers and enjoy their feedback about our zithers. This is our art and our craft, and we put our all into every instrument we make. Seeing and hearing from our customers inspire us to keep going and keep trying to be better. Our thanks to Jennifer L. for this message and photo!

“Hello — I’m emailing to thank you and to say how much we are enjoying the zither. In my science & arts after-school program in Boston the kids have been learning to play and love it. This is part of a unit on the art & science of music, a unit I repeat every year and that keeps opening up new possibilities. A photo attached of one of the students.

And meanwhile, the adult volunteers in the program are all in love with the zither. One is now scouing the internet to learn about all types of zithers. I’ve been playing it at home, and appreciate the lovely sound and beautiful pine wood.

Definitely a work of art – thank you again!”
Jennifer L.




“All I can say is WOW!”

From our customer, Ronald Lundwall in Nevada

“Today, after three weeks of great anticipation,my zither arrived. All I can say is WOW! The sound quality and your workmanship Bill is outstanding. I speak with a degree of authority in that I’ve been a wood worker for nearly 80 years. I’m also convinced, this instrument, not a toy, will last for many generations to come. Thank you so much and God bless.
Ron Lundwall

P.S. It is most gratifying to see American craftsmen-ship at its finest .”

“Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship.”

From our customer, Lynne Smyth Condon in West Virginia.

“Bill my zither arrive yesterday, woohoo! It is beautiful and wonderful tone. I chose the ash because of the wood grain and I’m not sorry. We are losing our ash trees here in WV due to the ash bore beetle so it is very nice to at least preserve a piece of the wood. Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship ❤️ and thank you Debbie Center for finding Bill and his beautiful instruments.

Ash Zither with Red Oak stain

Ash Zither with Red Oak stain


Ash Zither with Golden Oak stain

Ash Zither with Golden Oak stain

Zither Joy!


Photo by Shari Knight

We love bringing the joy of music to our customers! Here is what Shari Knight has to say:

It’s here!!! A big thank you to Bill LaCasse at Appalachian Spirit Folk Instruments, and Debbie Center for their combined efforts. Such a beautiful hand crafted instrument. Today I am the happiest girl ever! #thesearemine #thekidsarejealous #getyoursown