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Appalachian Spirit Folk Instruments & World of Harmony Music
Your Homeschool Solution for Music Education.”




As we continue our participation in the Great South East Homeschool Convention, it seems more and more homeschool families are voicing a desire to add music education to their homeschooling curriculum. However, for many families this will involve expenses beyond their means. Parents are often faced with the choices of purchasing or leasing instruments for one or more children, and deciding to hire a teacher to provide lessons. One other issue is scheduling this instruction to fit the needs of your home.
For some households these are not areas of great concern. On the other hand, the typical homeschool family has only one income while the other parent’s time and energy is devoted to providing quality education to their young. Homeschool families may become faced with making decisions similar to any other school, public or private: Budgeting. What to concentrate on now and what gets temporarily shelved, or cut altogether. Typically, this means music education becomes one of the necessary sacrifices.
The good news is, Appalachian Spirit Folk Instruments together with World of Harmony Music have a complete and inexpensive alternative to the high cost of other instruments and private lessons.


  • There is an answer to every time and budgetary objection your circumstances can throw at you.
  • Introduce a complete beginning music education program, including a beautifully hand crafted instrument and curriculum for under $90, including shipping.
  • Simply slip the sheet music under the strings of the zither, pluck the strings in the order shown and enjoy instant success playing beautiful music! Each book even includes a tuning lesson and a rhythm counting lesson!
  • Enjoy teaching and singing clever and humorous lyrics to classical music which teach the name of the piece, its composer, and even the story behind the piece! You’ll learn so much, so quickly, that you might even decide to teach group classes to supplement your family’s income! It really is that easy!
  • Begin a new adventure as your child’s music teacher by simply opening a book. Ideal for music students of all ages and abilities!
Do you have one or more child with special needs? This program may be of very special interest to you. With such ease of learning and playability, the therapeutic applications of our products may provide your child the opportunity to learn music and play an instrument despite some severe physical or other developmental limitations.
Parents who homeschool their children are making sacrifice enough to provide what they believe are the best solutions for their families. My wife, Liza and I know this first hand as former homeschool parents ourselves. Our children are now grown and building families and careers of their own. You can bet our grandchildren will benefit from early childhood music education.


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