Caring For Your Zither

Tune Gently!!

As with all brand new stringed instruments, it will take a little time to “play in” new zither strings to where they stay consistently in tune. All our zithers are tuned before they leave our shop, but they may fall a bit out of tune during shipping. When tuning, make very very small, gentle adjustments using the tuning wrench. This video, created by Debbie Center of World of Harmony Music, will help guide you through the process.


Free tuning apps are available from… and Googleplay! We’ve found Pano Tuner to be the best.


We send extra music wire with all our instruments. These videos will guide you through the process of changing a broken string.

We want our zithers to be enjoyed by musicians young and old for generations to come. Please note for safety that young children should not tune the instrument and it should be played under adult supervision.

…and Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Caring For Your Zither

    1. Liza Post author

      Dear Abbi,

      Sorry for not seeing this sooner. Yes, all our instruments come with a tuning wrench, a music pick and extra music wire should you ever need to replace a string.

    1. Liza Post author

      Good Morning. Our zithers are tuned in the key of G Major. Additional strings are available to our customers free of charge. Just confirm your address and we’ll be glad to send out string for your entire instrument. Thank you!

    1. Liza Post author

      Our zithers are tuned to the key of G Major to match the musical arrangements in the World of Harmony zither music books. It should be possible to tune to other keys as one might with other instruments. We honestly have not attempted this yet.

      1. Sara Piazza

        It’s easy to switch between the key of G and the key of C, simply by changing the F# to F natural. Some music (for example, World of Harmony) is written in the key of G, while other companies’ music is in the key of C. I wouldn’t attempt D, however, as tightening the strings a whole tone (from C), I think, would break strings.


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