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Zither Music Books are now available in Our Store for your convenience!

Books and downloadable single sheets are also available through World of Harmony Music!

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Meet Debbie Center, our good friend and founder of World of Harmony Music!


Hi there!

My name is Debbie Center, and I’m the founder of a unique music program called World of Harmony Music, which began in 2000 when I started writing zither music for my daughter, Deanna. Since then, I have taught over a thousand children to play the music I’ve written, and it’s just been an amazing journey! I decided to publish my books in April of 2010, and I’ve now sold well over seven thousand books in all fifty of the United States as well as thirty-four other countries. Who knew so many people played the zither?! The emails and other connections I’ve made with people throughout the world have been pure treasures, and I’m so happy that my little books have inspired so many people to become musicians. I really hope that you’ll enjoy my books, too!

For each book that I sell, I donate $1.11 to Headwaters Animal Shelter (Deanna’s Heaven) in Park Rapids, Minnesota, which is near our home and very dear to us. I am so thankful to have met Bill and Liza LaCasse, and I am just thrilled that they are handcrafting beautiful zithers to complement my books! What an honor. I just love my zithers from Bill and Liza, and I know you’ll love yours, too! Together, we’re creating a world of harmony through music, one family at a time!





4 thoughts on “Zither Sheet Music

  1. Richard Riggs

    I love this instrument… but, does it come in a larger size? I want a richer sound; is that available? Thanks Richard

  2. Lucy Favale

    Just received my music….I know I saw how to trim the music to fit my zither, I have a 15 string Zither by Herbert Co.
    Can you tell my how to trim your music to fit my Zither?
    Thank you.


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